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Will Register and Will Search for CILEx

CILEx is pleased to offer its members use of this online portal for Will registration. The portal is provided by Certainty the National Will Register. It is intended for the exclusive use of members of CILEx.

Will Search and PII Insurance Risk Reduction

Using Certainty the National Will Register is a good idea because it can help to reduce the risk profile of a law firm using it. Certainty Will search is now included on 90 percent of relevant insurance proposal forms forms for PII in the UK. A spokesperson for a leading insurance provider, one that insures 80 percent of the market, has gone on record as stating that he thinks that Certainty Will search reduces the risk profile of a law firm. It follows that another aim of Will search is to, in the future, help reduce PII premiums.

Will Search and Registration is Best Practice

Many legal textbooks mention Certainty Will search and say that it should be performed as best practice. The Law Society's Wills and Probate Practitioners Handbook, and publications by LexisNexis and the Practical Law Company, recognise Will search. That it is regarded as best practice is not surprising really. It helps the CILEx member to understand whether the Will was the last Will written by the testator. In cases where intestacy is possible it also gives a CILEx member clues about the possibility of malicious destruction.

Will Search is Cheaper than Writing Out to Law firms

In the bad old days, CILEx members used to have to write out to law firms to try and find out if there was a Will - or a newer Will - written. They would write out to solicitors in an area in which the testator lived, worked or had family or other connections, to ascertain if there was a Will - or another, newer Will.

Will Search Doesn't Cost 'Anything'

Obviously, the cost of Will search is - in the truest sense - borne by the law firm conducting the search but, because of the amounts involved, the regard of Will search within the legal professions, the acceptance of Will search as best practice and the all round protection it offers the client, you may say that there is no financial disincentive in conducting a Will search. This is because a Will search can be regarded as a low cost disbursement from the estate. In fact, the Register Will Search can fairly, in the opinion of many, be regarded as a nominal fee.

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  • "The National Will Register found my Grandfather's Will which was written 34 years ago" D Thomas

  • "It was vitally important I found my mother's Will, the National Will Register found it" S Bradley

  • "The National Will Register gave us the peace of mind that we had done everything possible to find the last Will" K Adams

  • "Not only did the National Will Register find the current Will but also an older one" A Wills and Probate Solicitor

  • "Thank you National Will Register, Will search performed, Will found in 48 hourss" B Taylor