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Write and Register a Will Week

This year’s Write and Register a Will Week brings further protection to you and your beneficiaries as we are providing free Will registration with Certainty the National Will Register. When considering writing your Will you also need to ensure that in the future the original copy can be quickly and easily located with minimal fuss for your family, when you have passed away.

In a recent survey 67% of people were unaware of the location of the original copy of their parents Wills'. This is not surprising as a Will tends to be written, stored in a ‘safe place’, and hopefully not needed for many decades.

Not being able to locate a Will can lead to the estate to be distributed under the laws of 'intestacy'. This means that your estate may not be distributed in the way you had intended. Missing Wills and uncertainty as to whether a Will exists or not, can cause additional distress for family members, beneficiaries and executors.

To help remove these issues, during Write and Register a Will Week, you can register your Will for free saving the usual registration charge of £30. Simply click on Register Your Will above and complete the 3 minute form.