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Certainty the National Will Register is the longest-established and by far the largest Will register in the UK.

Thousands of Will writing professionals and the public use Certainty to register and search for Wills prior to distributing the estate.

Registering your Will is an essential part of the Will making process and you should ensure you do so with a long-standing register with impeccable credentials. Over five million Wills are now in the Certainty system - current growth indicates this figure will rise to around six million during 2015.

In a consumer survey, 67% of people did not know where to find their parents’ Will when in most cases they are safely stored in solicitors offices somewhere!  Will Aid Solicitors are registering Wills for FREE with Certainty the National Will Register with every Will written as part of the Will Aid scheme.

- Registering a Will takes seconds and does not require a copy of a Will.

- Certainty never discloses the Testator’s details or the existence of a Will.

- When someone searches for a Will, the ‘searcher’s’ details are passed directly to the solicitor holding the Will for them to verify proof of death and the searcher’s relationship with the deceased.



  • "The National Will Register found my Grandfather's Will which was written 34 years ago" D Thomas

  • "It was vitally important I found my mother's Will, the National Will Register found it" S Bradley

  • "The National Will Register gave us the peace of mind that we had done everything possible to find the last Will" K Adams

  • "Not only did the National Will Register find the current Will but also an older one" A Wills and Probate Solicitor

  • "Thank you National Will Register, Will search performed, Will found in 48 hourss" B Taylor