Searching makes total sense

Ian Lane, a partner specialising in private client practice at DAC Beachcroft's Fetter Lane, London office, suggested that not to check Certainty for the location of a missing Will would amount to “professional negligence in view of the number of Wills registrations now allocated to it.”

Ian says: “If you are looking for a missing Will you must conduct specific searches. For example, you will write to solicitors' firms in the areas where the deceased lived or worked. It is logical to use the Certainty Will search service.

He concludes: “You cannot ignore the existence of such a significant register that has 2.6 million Wills allocated to it. After all, is it worth taking a risk with your professional indemnity cover? I believe that in the event of a dispute or claim insurers would look at the process followed by the solicitors' firm and say they didn't do their job properly.”