Will Found Probate Won

Certainty Will Search continues to produce probate work for law firms who have written and hold Wills, where family members and lay PRs are unaware if a Will was written or not and are also unaware if a Will is held a law firm's office. This can be best demonstrated through a case in January whereby a Will search produced a new probate matter virtually instantly for the law firm;

9.09am: The deceased's family were unable to find a Will and performed a Certainty search.
9.11am: The Will search identified a law firm based in the northwest as the writer and holder of the Will.
9.12am: Certainty notifies the firm of the Will search match.
9.30am: The firm contacts the searcher to authenticate the enquiry.
The next morning: The searcher attends the firm's office and instructs them to carry out the probate.

Without the Will search the deceased's family would not have been able to locate the firm or therefore the Will and the estate would have been distributed intestate.